Product Manager

👋 Hi. I'm Vahritch

I am a Product Manager, who is passionate about building great digital experiences by empowering the end-user with 6 years of experience in the tech industry.

Currently working at Qonto with the vision to create finance solution that businesses love.

Previously, Product Manager at Lightspeed and co-creator of
the ⚓️ Cabourg, Mon Amour indie music festival.

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Hospitality Reservations

Lightspeed - Hackathon Winner 2020 - Concept

September 2020

For its third Product Summit, Lightspeed organized a fully remote hackathon. This year's topic was COVID-19 and 30+ teams joined the hackathon with the ambition to find solutions to help our customers.

My team and I won the 1st prize of the Hackathon based on the Jury's and Internal's votes!
We were able to deliver, in 48h, the prototype of Hospitality Reservation. Exploring the POS capabilities by giving users the power to search, book, and manage reservations through their Lightspeed POS.

Lightspeed eGift Cards


August 2020

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lightspeed introduced the eGift Cards platform.

This platform is an easy way for Consumers to support their favorite local businesses by generating eGift Cards.
The money from each eGift Card sale is directly sent to the restaurant, helping to cover inventory, reopening or payroll costs.

Kitchen Display System


February 2020

Lightspeed Kitchen Display System (KDS) is an add-on product that is made to increase kitchen efficiency, improve communication, streamline kitchen operations, and improve quality of service.
Kitchen printers are old school while the KDS is a powerful digital tool that gives more power to kitchen operators.

We shipped a redesigned KDS focusing on creating a product and experiences that allow kitchen operators to increase efficiency, speed and provide clear information to simplify the decision-making process.

Quick Service Mode


January 2020

At the end of 2019, we started to work on an new additional order view, Quick Service Mode, specially made for quick service locations (bar, café, counter service, fast-casual).
The goal was to focus on speed by decreasing the number of steps it took for POS users to take and finalize an order.

By introducing a simplified redesigned screen, we reduced up to 50% the steps required for the order process.

Consumer Apps & Business Platform


2016 - 2017

Between 2016 and mid-2017, I joined the WINGiT adventure. The startup was offering a new way to discover local events. WINGiT would continuously scan data posted on social networks in order to detect relevant events, depending on the city and the time being.

I worked on the WINGiT B2C mobile apps (iOS and Android) and expanded our business by shipping a B2B sponsored events platform to connect events promoters / makers and consumers looking to discover local events.